I talk A. LOT!

As the wheels continue turning in this busy head of mine, I am always looking for ways to pour out the things that God pours into my heart – to put this chatterbox to good use. It is with immeasurable gratitude that I get to share the opportunities that I have had to open my heart to the public. Just click the links below to watch/hear all the cool interviews and messages I have so enjoyed over the course of building this ministry. If nothing else, you’ll get plenty of fodder for thought that can lead to deep conversations with me or with those you encounter on your journey through this life. Happy listening!

WCIA-3 Champaign, IL Interview (2020)

Below are a few links to radio/podcast interviews which, I have to add, are so much fun!! I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed participating in them.

Sister Event – Mahomet Daily with Dani Tietz: LISTEN/WATCH HERE

Penny For Your Thoughts with Brian Barnhart: LISTEN HERE

Mark & Friends on Great News Radio: LISTEN HERE

Sunday Message at Unity Church & Spiritual Center: LISTEN/WATCH HERE (Let it be known that I am not a denominational Christian in that I simply love Jesus and love people. Because I trust God, I will go where he leads me. He wants ALL of his creations, and I keep it that simple.)

I got the opportunity to sit and chat with Meredith Shobe on her podcast (Word Pictures with Meredith), and she did such a wonderful job of making me feel safe and welcome to be open about my life in ways I’m usually not. This is who I am, why I coach, and just how thrilled I am to be what I do. There are parts to my story I don’t usually tell that you get to hear for the first time RIGHT HERE 

As the ministry grows, hopefully, so will this list. I warmly appreciate the prayers whispered or shouted into the Throne Room that God will not only continue to speak for me but that he will continue to use me to speak for himself.