Hoping Forward

Welcome To Your Year!

Are you ready to think, plan, and pray your way through 2021? I know I am, and I’m so excited to take you along for the journey. Starting with this first FREE event, we are going to grow our way through this year in an exciting new way: TOGETHER!

This program will be structured specifically for growth – not just a novel idea. We will not be attempting to impose our will upon the world to get what we want. We will instead learn to put our dreams in God’s hands and trust Him to do the right and good things with them. To help us remain mindful and intentional, we will experience this growth in stages as follows:

  • Planting for 1 Month (Be informed and begin our journey together)
  • Pruning at 3 Months (Bring a friend to regroup, share, encourage, uplift, plan, network, and get the newbies rolling)
  • Blooming at 6 Months (Bring a friend to regroup, share, encourage, uplift, plan, and network)
  • Year-End Harvest (THE BIG DAY! Let’s get together and celebrate the fruit God has helped us bear and get ready to do it all again)

Vision boarding is a quite common practice whether it’s for planning advancement in a career or redecorating a household room. However, I wanted to do something with a bit more depth and purpose – to move beyond simply trying to figure out what to do next. What if we learn multiple things about ourselves and God along the way? What if, by making plans we feel we have control over, we make those plans and turn them over to God’s control so that we get the opportunity to marvel at His incredible ability to organize our lives in ways that we could never accomplish on our own?

In this workshop, my hope is to guide us through brainstorming, notating and organizing our thoughts, viewing them through the lens of purpose, execution of the plans we make, and submitting it all to God for our good and His glory. Through our discussion, practical application, and some fun activities, we’ll all build relationships that will foster a community of support and accountability with one another (the part I always look forward to because it’s AWESOME) which I consider to be vital to our successes.

Post-Workshop Materials

You’ll also be given an opportunity to purchase my Hoping Forward Journal in the same increments as the workshops themselves. They are packed with daily, weekly, and monthly guidance to help you process your way through any goal you set for yourself. We’ll be inspired. We’ll be encouraged. We’ll be convicted. We’ll be supported. And we will be ready!

So, get your game face on. It’s time to get to grow through 2021!