Let’s Love Rightly!

Graciously Diverse is an effort to shift our perspectives of one another from the ways society has taught us to interact to the way we all want to be seen acknowledged, and accepted.

This workshop focuses on the process of acknowledging the diversity of those in our world and valuing those diversities in the everyday mechanics of working and living. For businesses, organizations, or families, Root To Branches provides any written and creative materials to be used and enjoyed by all participants.

The goal is to provide in-depth interaction to observe and discuss what it truly means to love others rightly by being gracious as we all strive for unity.

Throughout this course, we will apply practical aspects of social and emotional intelligence to define diversity, inclusion, and bias to develop authentic ways to create safe environments where we can all grow and thrive together.

Please allow up to 2 hours for the completion of the workshop so that everyone in attendance can enjoy a fun, but thorough experience.

The cost of participation for groups larger than 12 people, but smaller than 26 people is $350. Larger groups of 26 to 50 < people are $500 total.

SMALL GROUPS & NON-PROFITS: Please alert us to budgetary limitations, and we will be happy to honor them.

In consideration of Covid-19 mandates, however your space needs to be organized for the safety of everyone, it will be honored by Root To Branches.

Book & Workshop Testimonials

“In my role as Programs Chair for Executive Club Champaign County, I asked Adi to help our group learn to improve work environments by better understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion. I appreciated Adi’s ability to cater her presentation to serve our professional networking group, which is a mix of business owners, managers, decision-makers, and local leaders. Adi was well received and several of our members expressed gratitude for her guidance. I highly recommend Adi as a speaker/presenter.”

Mary-Lynn Foster, Vice President: Bigg Success

“Working with Root To Branches has been an extraordinary experience for the staff, youth, and parents at the Mahomet Area Youth Club.  Adi has helped create safe spaces for dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion, encouraging participants to respect all our differences.”  

Sara Balgoyen, Director: Mahomet Area Youth Club

“I was deeply hurt and struggling because of negative experiences that were happening around me and to me when I came across Adi’s book. Her book was a salve to my broken heart and gave me hope for unity again. It’s a must-read for anyone struggling with all the chaos and division in our country. Adi is kind, compassionate, and offers clarity and wisdom in a time when other people are turning to violence and creating confusion. She’s a breath of fresh air!”

Jessica Nemecz, Business & Development Director: Two Roads Wellness Clinic

“I wanted an experience where I could talk with other people about how to be bold in the area of diversity but I didn’t know where to start. When I saw that Adi Puckett was leading a workshop on Gracious Diversity, I signed up. Diversity is more than political and social changes; it is understanding who we are as divinely created beings. The workshop helped me see where to begin finding common ground by sitting at the table with people who are not the same as me. One conversation with one person at a time, I can be more graciously diverse.”

Rev. Lori Harvey, Lead Pastor: Mahomet United Methodist Church