The Mission

Root To Branches helps people build and repair their relationships…from the roots to the branches.

At Root To Branches, there is no legalism. There is no judgment. There is no condemnation. All you will find here are tools to help you love God, love yourself, and love people. Through creative and interactive programs, you can learn to manage and navigate the delicate (and often difficult) details of living this life. We go through a lot with one another, and while that has taught us to be fearful, we can create better relationships…just by getting back to the basics.


Adi Puckett is the owner, missionary, and love enthusiast for this loving ministry.

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She is also a published author and certified relationship coach on a mission to inspire love, grace, and unity throughout her community and beyond! One of her favorite things to do is to gather people for the purposes of playing, working, and doing life together. From coffee fellowships to events, her primary focus is to insight unity through practical applications of love and grace.

“While our many differences may seem irreconcilable, a fresh and honest perspective is a valuable tool to have when we are truly seeking to understand and unite with one another. It is my pleasure to reach across all barriers to help us connect in more practical and authentic ways. Loving can be hard, but it will always be worth it.”

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I am so excited to introduce the new books I am teaching!

While I do love a good book, practical application makes them so much better. Grab copies for yourself and ASK ME about coming to teach or speak to you, your group, or at your upcoming events. I’d love to! Psssst…a third book is in the works!

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THIS BOOK is an urging for you to intentionally look away from all of the things that have you convinced that you not good enough to be of any use in the kingdom of God. My dears, there is no such thing.

THIS BOOK is an effort to shift our perspectives of one another from the ways society has taught us to interact to the way we all want to be seen and accepted. You deserve it!


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“…such an interesting rhythm of life.”

When something in our lives breaks, we feel the need to try to fix it right away, paying very little mind to the fact that the rest of the world is, indeed, still turning. Paying attention to this ever-turning world is what keeps my eyes on the trees.

Trees are not only beautiful and essential to our lives, but they also have such an interesting rhythm of life. Starting from single seeds, they form roots and grow according to how well they are nourished and provided for. As they grow, they ebb and flow with the changing of the seasons, shedding leaves or growing new ones depending on their environments. In fact, their environments teach them how and when to adapt to changes. These amazing organisms even depend on one another for survival.

Does that not sound so much like our lives as human beings?

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